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VFX Diet: The VFX Body Fat Loss System Review

The VFX diet, also known as VFX Body Fat Loss System, is the Xtreme version of the Venus Factor. The program is exclusively for women. This system is created by John Barban. John Barban is a well-known author of many weight loss and fitness programs. He owns a Master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition and has also taught at the University of Florida. 

The central principle of VFX Diet is the principle of Metabolic Override. This is a 12-week protocol with many different combinations of deficit and maintenance eating days. The Metabolic Override is based on the notion that your body’s metabolism is more efficient at the initial stages of weight loss, but becomes more sluggish at the later stages. The more weight you lose, the more your body tries to retain the remaining fat. This brings metabolism to a halt. That’s why the VFX Body program advises you to gradually increase the number of maintenance days. In short, the VFX diet is strictest at first and becomes more permissive, as you go along

One of the basic aims of this program is to help you regulate your leptin levels. Leptin is involved in the regulation metabolism, inflammation, insulin sensitivity, bone density, cognition and memory, and even the appearance of skin tags.
Leptin is a hormone that gets released from your fat cells in proportion to the amount of your body fat. The higher the body fat, the higher the leptin levels. So, if the world was perfect, nobody would be overweight. As soon as you gained weight, leptin would increase and would send signals to the body to lose the extra weight. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Even though, overweight people have higher levels of leptin, they are more likely to suffer from leptin resistance. In other words, leptin sends the signals for weight loss, but the cells are deaf!

By following this system, you will be able to fully exploit the power of leptin, in order to lose weight. The ebooks will give you advice about your sleeping and eating habits and about which supplements to take, so as to increase leptin sensitivity.

The VFX diet program consists of the following parts:

  • VFX Fat Loss System eBook: this is the basic manual that explains all the concepts behind the system.
  • VFX Workout Videos: all the training videos that give you instructions on how to do the exercises.
  • VFX Virtual Nutritionist: this software helps you track your calorie intake.

The Virtual Nutritionist will tell you how many calories and how much protein you should eat every day. It will also show you what your ideal metrics are (waist, shoulder and hip measurements).


Should I buy VFX Body, if I already own the Venus Factor?

The answer is probably no. The 2 products are very similar. There is some new information, but nothing that justifies the purchase.

Does this program promise weight loss without counting calories?

No, it doesn’t. Calorie counting is an essential part of this system, but fortunately the software can do it for you.

But, certain diet ‘gurus’ claim that you can lose weight without counting calories.

You may lose weight, even if you don’t track your calorie intake, but not if you are not in a calorie deficit. Let me explain… Certain dietary plans advice you to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This approach will likely lead to a calorie deficit, because these foods have a low calorie density, aka very few calories for their volume. The same thing applies to protein-based diets (think Atkins), as well. Protein causes satiety, which means that you end up eating fewer calories even if you don’t realise it.
So, these dietary plans say that calories are not important, but they all work through creating a calorie deficit. There is no way around it. Think about it…. Why should your body burn fat, if it has all the energy it needs? Let’s say that day-in day-out you give it all the calories it needs through food. Does it have a reason to go to the fat stores and burn fat for energy? I think not. Under these conditions, it will simply maintain its weight. The only way to lose pounds is to deprive it of some of the necessary energy. This will force it to break down a part of its adipose tissue, so as to support its functions. In short, anyone who says that you can lose weight without a calorie deficit is not a guru.

How is VFX Body different than the rest?

VFX is not only about losing weight. It’s about creating the ideal proportions and obtaining the most feminine body you can. By following the dietary and workout parts of the system, you will lose inches from all the right places and build muscle in all the right places. It can actually change the shape of your body and not just shrink it.

What is the price of VFX?

It costs 37$ and is in a digital form, which can be downloaded immediately. There is also a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product.

Does it offer customer support?

Yes and not only that. It also gives you access to the private community, where you will be able to draw support from fellow members and get valuable advice.

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