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Revitol Dermasis: Psoriasis Treatment Cream

Revitol Dermasis

Revitol Dermasis Cream

Revitol Dermasis is a cream that can help you treat psoriasis and get relief from symptoms like scaling, itching and flaking. It contains natural ingredients, such as Salicylic Acid (2%), Palm Oil, Vitamin E Acetate and Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil).

Does Revitol Dermasis Actually Work?

To answer this question, we first need to say a few things about the nature of the disease.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, which affects about 1-3% of the population worldwide. Psoriasis is not contagious. Psoriasis affects both men and women and can begin at any age, but the usual age of onset is between the ages of 20 to 35. There are two main types of psoriasis:

Type I: affects young adults who may have a relative who also suffers from the condition. This type usually involves more severe clinical manifestation of psoriasis.
Type II: it affects mainly older people, between the ages of 50 and 60, without a family history and involves milder symptoms.

The Cause

Psoriasis doesn’t have a single cause, but it is the result of many factors, which makes it a multifactorial disease. The exact cause of psoriasis is elusive and remains unknown. According to the latest scientific data, psoriasis is the result of the disturbance of the body’s immune system and therefore it is characterized as an immunologically-mediated disease.

The skin of a psoriasis sufferer is replaced much more quickly than normal skin and in fact up to seven times faster. Thus, the renewal of skin keratinocytes lasts for four days, instead of 28 days, which results in the thickening of the skin (hyperkeratosis).

Heredity plays a role in the onset of psoriasis, although there are cases where there is no genetic factor involved.

Psoriasis is a multifactorial disease and is caused by genetic, environmental and immunological factors.
  •     It is not contagious.
  •     It can occur at any age and affects both sexes equally.
  •     It is a disease with many faces, as the clinical picture depends on many factors.
  •     It can be treated effectively with the available treatments.

Environmental factors (triggers) can cause the onset or worsening of psoriasis:
  •     Streptococcal infection can trigger its manifestation.
  •     Hormonal factors during menarche (when the period starts) and menopause (when periods stops) can also play a role. However, there seems to be an improvement during pregnancy.
  •     Medications, such as lithium, some blood pressure medications (b-blockers), and the abrupt withdrawal of systemic corticosteroids, are also possible triggers.
  •     Skin injury can lead to the appearance of psoriatic lesions.
  •     Psychological factors (anxiety, stress) may cause a worsening of psoriasis.
  •     Alcohol and smoking are aggravating factors in psoriasis.

It has now become obvious that no single cream can actually cure psoriasis. There are simply too many factors involved. However, treatments such as Revitol Dermasis can improve the condition and provide relief. Let’s see exactly how….

The salicylic acid it contains has a peeling effect on the skin and gets rid of dead and dry skin. The palm oil soothes and moisturizes the skin and creates a protective layer. Tea tree oil fights the bacteria that may lead to an infection. Vitamin E oil heals the skin and keeps it moist.

So, the things you can expect from Revitol Dermasis is an improvement in scaling, itching, discoloration, flaking and hardening of the skin. You can’t expect it to make psoriasis disappear from ever.

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