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Provailen Review

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system of a person to turn against him, causing damage to the walls of the joint tissues.

The immune system turns against the body itself, causing damage to the joints and other organs (eyes, skin, lungs, heart). Rheumatoid arthritis causes chronic pain and irreversible joint damage if not treated promptly.Rheumatoid arthritis is three times more common in women and although the cause of the disease is unclear if the correct diagnosis is made as early as possible, it can provide a better opportunity to limit joint damage and mobility issues.The disease invades stealthily. Starting from the small joints of the handsand foot and then extends centrally. The first signs of the disease is joint pain, stiffness, tenderness and defacing, developed over a period of years. one ormore joints swell and show every sign of inflammation. Sometimes the inflammation begins in a large joint such as the knee, shoulder or ankle.However, sometimes the onset is more acute. Fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss and fever, all are symptoms which may precede the inflammation of a joint, and then prove the early symptoms of the disease.Read what are the main warning signs of rheumatoid arthritis:1. Joint painOne of the earliest symptoms appearance sore joints affected. The joints hurt can have various symptoms such as typical pain or tenderness, pain, swelling, or combination of these. While there are other disorders that can cause this, the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis is usually 'symmetrical' so it will affect both arms and both wrists.The increase in local temperature of the hinge2. StiffnessAn early morning stiffness, which may take thirty minutes to two hours is another symptom referred often.And although sometimes confusing it can be injury, it is important to consult a rheumatologist if the pain is unexplained.

3. Swelling

The swelling in the hands, wrists and feet can be a sign of inflammation that accompanies rheumatoid arthritis. Can the swelling is really big and coexist simultaneously in liquid joint. You may also see fluid in the knees and ankles. The swelling of the joint is a common and characteristic sign of inflammatory arthritis such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Patients usually report an increase of temperature at the tip of the body that hurts as well as swelling and redness on a periodic or around joints affected.

4. Nodules in the fingersThese are hard lumps that grow under the skin near the joints affected by RA. Often occur on the back of the elbow, and sometimes even in the eyes. It is something that happens more often in people who have advanced RA, but sometimes occur sooner. Nodules can mimic the symptoms of gout, of another form of arthritis.5. FatigueThe fatigue can be caused by many chronic diseases, but when examined in the context of other symptoms, fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis patients can be overwhelming and may be the reason why many end up going to the doctor.

6. Loss of motor functionIf left untreated, rheumatoid arthritis can lead to joint damage, which may in turn lead over time to loss of mobility. However, with proper diagnosis and treatment of patients having rheumatoid arthritis may actually be able to enjoy a normal quality of life.

If rheumatoid arthritis untreated, the damage may be extended. It  spreads to the cartilage and eventually erode the bones. Think of a river running through a valley. Every day the soil is eroded, destroyed by water. Similarly, if the RA proceed without appropriate treatment, your joints may still deteriorate.

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