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Youtonics Skin Collagen

Youtonics Skin

is a collagen supplement that can rejuvenate your skin and increase vitality. The liquid oral collagen is a product without medicine is sold in many pharmacies, and claims on its effects are particularly impressive:
What offers me wellbeing

    Improves skin
    Improves the appearance of hair, nails
    Improves joints
    gives wellness

My personal wellbeing gives a cup of coffee, they are in a coastal location even better. We must also be said that on issues such as the appearance of the skin, hair, nails and the feeling of the joints fit enormous subjectivity. Health indicators such as our weight have as far as the scale and measured in pounds. You can not fool yourself there. Our fat can also be measured, as can be measured blood glucose or triglycerides. In other words we are talking about things that can be easily measured in absolute numbers. In the words of Galileo, the book of nature is written in mathematics.

Perhaps a coincidence, but those promises fluid drinking collagen belong to matters fits easily the subjective evaluation, and depending on the conditions and the psychology of a person can easily be evaluated very differently from day to day. Corresponding subjectivity in the evaluation of the product there and bracelets Balance, product provided no evidence for its effectiveness. The bracelets are made merchants rich after some time formalized by the EOF that this is a fraud products. Nonetheless, because human senses are easy to deceive many people reported a favorable effect on their stability.

Drinking liquid collagen or Gelatin known is the heat treatment product and hydrolysis of the collagen of the bones, tendons and other parts of animals rejected from consumption. Collagen is a protein that is a key component of connective tissue (fascia) of our body. Connective tissue is everywhere in us as it connects the institutions themselves (eg so firmly held in place within the thorax and abdomen), connecting tissue fibers together within the institutions,
and the cells together into the tissue fibers. Essentially, our entire body (even bones) built over, around and through the fascia, like bricks "fill" the concrete frame to build a house. Also, in various forms depending on the body, collagen is tendon, heart, nails, hair, skin, gums, eyes, joints and blood vessels; us that gives consistency and elasticity of the tissues, such as skin, cartilage, arteries and joints.
Youtonics Skin Collagen as a nutritional supplement? Of all the nutritional supplements, one of the most "ingenious" is "drinking liquid collagen". I see advertised more and more, both on Facebook, and in pharmacies and online stores of cosmetics and food supplements.
The promotion of oral liquid collagen is based on a combination of two things:
First: The claims for
Reading advertisements, learns on the known properties of collagen, namely improves the health of hair, nail, skin and joints, but learns and original "new" things,Youtonics Skin such that:
Whitens skin
Reduces Cellulite
It increases the burning of the body and weakens
Treats acne, dermatitis and psoriasis

Get the goods described in (powder) and mingle with the refreshing water and have the best collagen market, even free of unnecessary sweeteners. Since I sweeteners ... what I remembered ..

Do you know that the aging of the skin and body in general, accelerated by a phenomenon called glycosylation. To say a few words about this.

Despite the sweet name, the meaning is very bitter .. Glycosylation is the process by which all we age prematurely, sooner than it should. It is the cause of annoying wrinkle recently noticed. But the wrinkles is not only the external representation of the destruction caused by glycosylation everywhere, throughout the body.

Chemically speaking we can describe the glycosylation as the union of glucose with our various proteins. One of the proteins that are glycosylated collagen, which is located throughout the body. The result is the aging of the skin, wrinkles, sagging skin, and the problems in the arteries, of which collagen is a key building block.

In the advanced stage of the glycosylation produces called AGEs (Advanced Glycation by End Rroducts),. The acronym AGEs given by the specialist on the subject Anthony Ceram and as you can see, is very successful, since the "age" verb means in English "getting old".

The AGEs are macromolecules which inactivate enzymes and natural antioxidants reduce our natural defenses and cause damage to cell DNA modifying in this way the cellular functions.

From the foods you eat often, two are the main culprits of glycosylation: Sugar and flour. Both these foods eject blood glucose, destabilize our sensitivity to insulin (which has the task to control our blood sugar).

One of the important things can we do to not get older before our time, except for smoking cessation is the most important, is to reduce as much as possible the loaves and especially sugar.


 Most of those that promote drinking liquid collagen care to conceal a small detail.
The detail does not say is that all the good and goods that are calculated to collagen benefits relating collagen already present in our body. However, other collagen present in our body, which has built our organization and other collagen we take as a dietary supplement.
To understand the difference, we recall that collagen is a protein. Therefore, it is composed of amino acids. So when you take through the digestive system as a food or food supplement, metabolized; that is, it remains to be circulating through our bodies unchanged as we ate or drank as collagen, or go and sit as through the joints and tissues. What happens is that the digest normality as all other feeds - i.e., cleaved by stomach acids to amino acids which make up, which are then absorbed by the small intestine.
The agency will use some of the amino acids for energy, while others will use to compose again proteins and tissues (including new collagen).
To say it again: The liquid oral collagen is just another dietary source of protein!
Here is a kind of misleading advertising: The surprising properties advertised, are those corresponding to collagen that has created our body, not in collagen eat. So another thing advertised and sold another thing!
Unfortunately collagen we can not recruit from the food, so the administration of the body through food supplements is essential.
Mercy, truly!
However, there is some benefit?
There is little scientific research on the internet about collagen; one of the few that will allow you to find, located on external sources list at the end of the article. There, in the Source # 3, you can read about a clinical study, which concludes that the UC-II type collagen supplement had better results in relieving osteoarthritis pain than what a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin (glucosamine and chondroitin, G + C).
What does this tell us? He tells us that the effects of liquid drinking collagen should be compared with the corresponding results of other dietary supplements, not the results of a natural, balanced and healthy natural diet and a lifestyle that includes exercise and physical activity, through which regenerated all body tissues.
Let's see how we can help our organization by providing the appropriate materials to make it as beneficial collagen: How our body manufactures collagen? Using amino acids and proteins taken through diet. Thus giving the amino acids and proteins help him? Yes, we help him. So does that mean that helps the liquid drinking collagen? Of course it helps. So what is the issue? The thing is that a balanced and healthy, natural diet, which contains high-quality protein, will have the same or better results. Oops!
alternative proposals
The alternative does not concern a different protein supplement, but the solution is given through diet. I am sure we will look the following protein sources, both by taste and because of cost. As for the dosage, with just 100 grams of these foods, you get three or four times more protein than what a 10ml dose of supplements! And they abound and money! Wink
Come, good appetite!

 Youtonics Skin

Good news: I think it is a good supplement to our diet, but not always as "miraculous" as advertised. The supplementation has been shown to provide some benefits to the skin, bones, joints and all connective tissues, hair, nails and elsewhere. Check if you want a look on google searching for the word "collagen".

Bad news: It's inadmissible PRICE which is offered to the consumer, who "milked" mercilessly to all food supplements, not only to collagen .. Visiting the pages of various collagen products in domestic market, unable to find information on the amount of pure product per dose. After much effort, I managed to count how collagen contains a package 500ml liquid collagen bought one friend here in the neighborhood.

On the American company I buy supplements in recent years, I found quality collagen powder. Any collagen supplement circulates necessarily comes from outside.

As for the additives (water, sweeteners, vitamins, etc.) which are present in various fluids collagens I unusable. Neither sweeteners or a few more vitamins and minerals I need, since having our diet. Exception is vitamin C especially for smokers. Vitamin C is a very important factor for creating the collagen in the body, and smoking destroys. This is why smokers have trouble gums (bleeding, weak gums etc.). The gums consist mainly of collagen. By just taking vitamin C some of my friends built smokers healthy gums!

 Youtonics Skin

By drinking the liquid collagen is somewhat different things (with the emphasis on somewhat). Surveys claim that has some positive effects on the skin or joints exist. For example, a study published in Clinical Interventions of Aging showed that the use of collagen had a positive effect on the skin. Another study, conducted in people with osteoarthritis showed that positive results. Both of these studies had no independent funding, those who did the study paid for by the company that produces collagen. Indeed, the research studied the effect on the skin and was quite problematic methodology, he had not "control group", ie a group of people simply believed that taking a treatment for their skin but without getting collagen. If nevertheless you hogs, perhaps you make better skin.

As to the joints, in another study patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the researchers concluded that: "Our study shows that the treatment is ineffective ... and has only small and unstable benefits. Furthermore, our results raise the possibility that in a subset of patients, the oral collagen administration, which is considered safe, it can intensify the disease. "Neither osteoarthritis seems to help collagen, namely a very recent review literature came to the following conclusion: "There is insufficient evidence to recommend the general use of hydrolyzed collagen in patients with osteoarthritis. "

Allow last cellulite. Good to know that cellulite is not a condition that just happens that we have no control over it. Not "do you get" cellulite. It is the result of a condition, and specifically a sedentary life and malnutrition. Whether we like it or not, there are no magic potions that can erase the effects of the seat and the excesses in the diet.

The products are not drugs but sold in pharmacies follow a good and successful recipe. They make very impressive claims about things that are difficult to measure objectively, but even if they rarely consumers will be interested in whether there apodeixeis. Everyone can draw your own conclusions about whether the ads of this formulation make claims stand and whether it is worth the money.

Youtonics Skin

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Wartrol Amazing Wart Removal

Is you have problem with warts, read this article for Wartrol Amazing Wart Removal. Today modern progressive technologies in dermatology offer several physical therapy methods of excision of warts, it is laser removal of warts, and the removal of warts with liquid nitrogen, and radiowave therapy. But the centuries-old folk use different effective methods of getting rid of the growths on the body leads to the conclusion that they can be used to deduce a wart at home.

It is known that the emergence of the warts virus is the cause, namely the progression of HPV. When the infection is very common types of papillomaviruses occur in HPV uncontrolled reproduction of human skin cells, but only if there is a failure in the body immunity. This manifests the appearance of warts, papillomas and warts on the hands, fingers, legs. There are times when common warts disappear on their own, when there is an increase of the immune response, but it does not always happen.

And if a person has formed strange growths, before embarking on any treatment, be sure to consult a dermatologist, since no other safe pathological processes can occur under the guise of benign tumors. Among the 100 types papillomavirus sufficient number of oncogenic types, which can lead to malignancy of tumors. About what better way to remove a wart in medical institutions can be found in our article.

Any home treatment may be either ineffective or unsafe, if not to be very careful and know how to make these or other procedures and treatments for health. Therefore the question - how to get a wart at home, the best answer - to see a specialist, your doctor may recommend the best options for treatment or removal of warts in each clinical case, especially when it comes to removing warts in children.

How to display a wart baby? Not recommended for children under 5 years of a laser to remove warts with liquid nitrogen, or because these procedures do not always go smoothly. But you can try to use this method - every night soak the wart in the bath with baking soda, then gently rub it with a pumice stone, then the above method to seal the affected area with a hole in the plaster, and the build-up process, oxolinic ointment or other folk remedies. In normal millet contains some useful enzyme that also contributes to the removal of warts.

This method is best used for children at removing warts on hands -, it is not necessary to wash pour in a bowl of store millet, let the child puts his hand in the rump as if it washes his hands, every day for 10-15 minutes. There is also a way to bring a potato wart, but it is necessary to carry out a number of self-hypnosis, or mysticism. Take Wartrol Amazing Wart Removal or a potato, cut into 2 equal parts, one topped with a wart and ejected, and the other buried in the ground. As soon as the potatoes will rot in the ground, the wart will disappear. Who believes in it, and that probably helps.

Wartrol Amazing Wart Removal

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Nanoxyn Alpha
Nanoxyn Alpha is a supplement composed of Red wine extract, Olive leaves extract, Grape seed extract and nanometric charcoal.

Antioxidants in olive oil

Upon treatment of the oil part of oleuropein hydrolyzed so produced several compounds that give the olive oil the finest organoleptic properties and particularly the bitter taste. Also polyphenols and the unsaturated hydrocarbon squalene play an important role in the oxidation limit of the olive oil fatty acids (rancidity) [Ref. 5-7].

The oleuropein, tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol and squalene (a hydrocarbon and triterpene, a precursor of cholesterol and other steroids) are the antioxidant oil substances. These compounds, with the contribution of a-tocopherol (vitamin E) and vegetable fatty acid, oleic oxes, scavenge free radicals and reduce oxidative damage and oxidative stress of aerobic organisms. This antioxidant and bactericidal action, such as other vitamins and minerals (especially selenium) is extremely beneficial to human health. Other components of the oil are caffeic acid, syringes and coumaric. Other antioxidant compounds present in olive oil are various flavonoids and anthocyanins [Ref. 8-18].

oil production and composition of polyphenols

Depending on the biological cycle of the olive and the receiving system, the content of the olive oil polyphenols varies. The content depends on the variety of olives and the maturity of the olives, as the polyphenol content in ripe olive is about half of what the unripe olives. That is why we used mainly unripe olives for good quality virgin olive oil.

The oil receiving system also plays an important role in quality. The pressure system guarantees oil with high content of polyphenols, while the centrifuge system of the paste of whole olive fruit oil gives a lower polyphenol content. The temperature, time of massage and the fineness of grinding of the olives have a significant impact on the quality and polyphenol content.

Grapes are rich in potassium, vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium,  and organic acids (malic acid, tartaric acid). Grapes are a source of copper, which is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin and collagen in the body. Vitamin B2 also known as riboflavin, is also present and so grapes play an important role in growth and repair of tissue, in the production of hormones and the formation of red blood cells.

The benefits are the prevention of cardiovascular disease, reducing blood pressure, the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and blood clots.

Flavonoids contained inhibit the activity of an enzyme that is necessary for the survival of cancer cells. Grapes have 50% more antioxidant activity than vitamin E.
The extract of the kernels of grapes and has a therapeutic effect against hemorrhoids in cramps, menopause, insomnia, and osteoporosis.
The grape seeds are indigestible in the human stomach. Specific technologies for the extraction of their valuable components are needed. Grape seed extract is also used in the cosmetics industry because it helps to fight free radicals that are responsible for 80% of skin aging.

Nanoxyn Alpha

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Provailen Review

Provailen Review

Provailen Review

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system of a person to turn against him, causing damage to the walls of the joint tissues.

Provailen Review

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Groei360 Review

Beautiful hair for centuries considered to be one of the main advantages of the woman.

Groei360 Review

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Rebuild Hair Program Review

The Rebuild Hair Program, also called The Hair Loss Protocol, is an ebook written by Jared Gates. The author claims that he was able to obtain a full head of hair by using the methods outlined in the book.

The Rebuild Hair Program Review

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