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Cellulite, those hard, lumpy bumps that appear on thighs, buttocks, and arms of many people all over the world are to blame for much unhappiness when it comes to a person’s physical appearance. Many people would like to find a treatment that will make cellulite disappear forever. But this is easier said than done.

Research shows that cellulite is linked to a person’s genetic make-up. This means if a person’s parents have cellulite, they probably will also. This also means that spending lots of money on treatments that will not work is a waste of money. There is nothing on the market today that can make cellulite disappear. But there are things one can do to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite may spread to other parts of the body including legs, back, and upper arms. When this occurs, a person may feel terrible about themselves.

There are a few ways to help this condition, however. Even though diet and exercise cannot rid a person of cellulite, they can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. When a person is in shape, their body is more firm and their skin glows. This can detract from cellulite on the thighs and backside. When a person is healthy, they feel better about themselves and are less critical when it comes to their bodies. A healthy outlook on life reduce the appearance of cellulite because the cellulite will no longer be a concern. Another way to reduce the appearance of cellulite is to eat foods that are high in calcium, protein, and fiber. This will help a person have healthy looking skin. This might help keep the bumps caused by cellulite from looking too noticeable. A healthy diet will give a person more energy. Combine this with exercise and cellulite will be forgotten about. Living a healthy lifestyle will take some of the stress off of having a perfect body.

Cellulite may continue to develop, but it will be less of an issue. Once cellulite begins it will not go away. Until the gene that causes the production of cellulite is discovered, cellulite will continue to make some people’s lives miserable. Covering up cellulite is one way people deal with it. Another way is to try different treatments involving lasers, creams, lotions, massage therapy, and suction techniques. While the effect might be instant, the results do not last long. Maintaining cellulite free skin can be costly. Insurance companies do not cover these types of procedures. Multiple treatments are non-stop. For those who have the money, they can enjoy on-going treatments. But for most people, it is not worth going bankrupt for.

Learning to live with cellulite is the only way to enjoy life. Eating healthy has many benefits which include reducing the appearance of cellulite. A person will feel better, be able to have more energy to pursue their goals and be able to enjoy more foods. By eating wisely and exercising regularly, cellulite will not seem like a big problem anymore for most people.

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Cellulite Cure

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Youtonics Skin Review

Youtonics Skin is a supplement that can promote collagen renewal, manufactured by the well-known UK company Bauer Nutrition (official website). It promises to reduce wrinkles and dryness and improve the health of your hair and nails. Is there any truth to these claims? Surprisingly, yes!

  • It does reduce wrinkles

Skepticists have a certain theory about collagen supplements. The theory goes something like this: collagen is simply another form of protein. The body breaks it down and absorbs its components. Then it uses these components (the amino acids) to build its own collagen. So, according to this way of thinking, taking a collagen supplement is pretty much the same thing as eating a steak.

Well, it seems that things are a bit more complicated. Even though, increasing your overall protein intake may be useful for the health of your skin, taking a collagen supplement is much more effective and there is evidence to prove it.

There are many studies that clearly show that these types of supplements are incredibly helpful (sometimes the results are very impressing!). Let’s take a look at the following study published in 2014 by the Clinical Interventions In Aging, found here

In this study, they supplemented the diet of 1, 217 subjects across five different countries with the product Pure Gold Collagen for 60 days. At the end of the study, the vast majority of the participants show a significant improvement in their facial lines, an increase in dermal collagen density and an enhancement of skin firmness. The most impressive finding was the reduction in nasolabial fold depth. This is very difficult to achieve, if you don’t want to use fillers or resort to cosmetic surgery. People are always talking about avoiding wrinkles, but sagging is the biggest enemy for your looks. Firming-up your face (and body) is much more important than erasing a few lines.

In the same year, another study was published:

In this study, 69 women between the ages of 35 and 55 received either a placebo either 2.5 g or 5 g of CH (collagen hydrolysate) for 8 weeks. At the end of the study, there was a great improvement in skin elasticity in both CH dosage groups compared to placebo.

In one final study, 114 women received BCP (bioactivecollagenpeptide) or placebo for 8 weeks. The dosage was only 2.5 g of BCP. The ingestion BCP resulted in a significant reduction of eye wrinkles and  a higher content of procollagen type I and elastin in comparison to the placebo group.

As you can see, there is a lot of evidence that these kind of supplements have an anti-aging effect.

  • It does improve nails

Collagen is the building block of your nails, so it can help strengthen them.

  • It does help your hair

Apart from nourishing your hair roots by providing them with many amino acids that are necessary for hair health, there is something much more interesting going on. See an obscure study I dug up,

It’s an old study, but I don’t think that human physiology has changed since 1998. The subjects received gelatin for 50 weeks. After week 10, their hair number increased by 18% and after week 50 by 29%. Their hair mass increased by 24% at week 10 and by 40% (!!!) at week 50. If plain gelatin can yield these results, imagine what pure collagen (which is much more absorbable) can do!

Another important finding was that all the subjects of the study who suffered from male or female androgenetic alopecia, also suffered from at least a slight oxidative stress. So, there may be a connection between oxidative stress and hair loss. The ones, who took gelatin, eliminated their oxidative stress.

Until now, we have established why you should be taking this type of supplements. The question is why should you buy Youtonics Skin, in particular? Is it better than other similar products?

Youtonics Ingredients

Youtonics Skin is a blend of collagen protein concentrate and vitamins. More specifically, it contains:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein: this can boost your skin’s repair rate. For every 30ml serving, the product contains 10ml of collagen protein.
  • Vitamins A, E and C: vitamin C is an essential co-factor for collagen production, vitamin E is known as the beauty vitamin and vitamin A promotes skin’s health.

official website

The product is created with the Tri-Optimized™ formula to ensure rapid absorption and quick delivery to the cells of the whole body.

As you can see, this is a very concentrated supplement, with a 33% concentration of collagen. Other much more expensive supplements are much less concentrated. For example, the Pure Gold product we saw at the beginning of this post contains only 10% collagen. So, for every 50ml bottle you drink (daily dose), you only receive 5ml of the good stuff. What is more, Bauer Nutrition offers you a discount, if you buy through their official page If you buy 2 bottles,  you will get one more for free, and if you buy 3 bottles  you will get 3 more bottles as a gift. The company ships worldwide and has a 60-day-money-back guarantee.

Do you want to save even more money? Let me tell you a little secret: even though the daily dosage is supposed to be 30 ml, so every bottle (270ml) will last you for 9 days, you can take half the dosage and still receive most of the benefits. If you take a look at the studies listed above, the participants noticed an improvement even if they only took 2.5 or 5 g of collagen per day. This means that you can only take 15ml of the Youtonics liquid, which will contain 5ml pure collagen. After a while, if the results are encouraging, you may choose to increase the dosage.

Do you want to find out more, visit Youtonics Skin!

Youtonics Skin Collagen Drink

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breast actives results

Breast Actives is a popular breast enhancement solution that is completely safe and natural. The product harnesses the power of multiple elements together to help women achieve the desired increase in their breast sizes. Although the product itself has only two constituents, there is a cream in addition to some pills, it advises a regular training regimen that has been designed to stimulate the growth of breasts naturally.

The desire to have a larger bust has driven many women to choose some drastic options like surgical implants among others. However, most such solutions come with their fair share of drawbacks; in the case of implants, one needs to change them after their stipulated lifetime. Additionally, there is also the ever-present danger of something going wrong when under the knife. This is where a completely natural and safe product like Breast Actives has its advantages.

A woman’s self image is important and will receive a major boost when taking on a breast enhancement program. A woman who feels good about herself will carry herself with more authority and exude self confidence. A confident woman will be ready to take on the world and deal with any situation that comes along. She will become an authoritative leader and one who will command respect. Meeting new people and interacting with others will be easier when she is confident and has a definitive sense about herself.

When a woman shapes her breasts to make then look fuller and firmer, will enjoy a whole new world. She will have a handle on new experiences and always be on the lookout for new experiences.

First of all, Breast Actives, as advertised, is a 3-in-1 product that uses completely natural ingredients to increase the size of breasts. This means it enhances the breasts naturally and rules out any possibility of danger that is associated with methods like surgery. Also, there is the small matter of Breast Actives costing far less money to buy compared to other solutions.

The biggest factor that contributes to the positive results of Breast Actives is its use of fully natural ingredients. Most of these ingredients are plant based.

Breast Actives Ingredients:

Fennel Seeds: they are rich in phytoestrogens and can stimulate breast development.

Blessed Thistle: it is an excellent therapeutic agent that may also increases breast growth.

Dong Quai Root: it is a potent ‘female tonic’ that increases female hormones.

Fenugreek: it boosts the production of estrogen to increases the volume of the breasts. .

Dandelion: this detoxifying agent reduces inflammation.

Kelp: it is rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes and enhances breast development.

Watercress Leaf: it is an excellent medicinal plant that can treat many ailments.

Breast Actives is also completely safe. The various ingredients used in the product’s cream and natural supplement pills have been certified completely safe and fit for consumption/use by the US Food and Drug Administration. Most ingredients are also present on the FDAs safe foods list. Its ingredients come from plants. Breast Actives does not contain even a single trace of chemical substances.

Apart from helping women with smaller breasts, Breast Actives is also a viable solution for those dealing with miss-shaped breasts. Many women tend to have one breast larger than the other and they can use Breast Actives to achieve the desired balance between the two.

Using Breast Actives is also pretty easy and can be done safely at home, without anybody getting even a whiff of it. Another factor helping with this is that the results with Breast Actives are quite subtle in the initial stage. So the issue of curious stares can be avoided altogether while gaining confidence thanks to the larger breast size.

Apart from helping with enhancing the breast size, Breast Actives are also quite effective in dealing with sagging breasts. Regular usage of the product stimulates the breasts into getting firmer and more lifted.

Breast Actives Pros:

1) Quick results within a few weeks

2) Completely safe and natural

3) Side effects range from being minimal to completely absent

4) End result is breasts that are firmer, fuller and healthier

Breast Actives Cons:

1) The results are not instant; you need to have patience

2) You need to strictly follow the prescription

Natural Products Association is the parent company of Breast Actives and relies on such natural ingredients to do the job after careful evaluation and trials only. Adding further credential to the company’s 100% natural approach to beauty are the many other products that dot the company’s shelf. This is the way it has done business since the year of its inception in 2002.

Furthermore, Breast Actives has found favour from both experts and users alike. Most women reported in with positive changes in the breast size upon uninterrupted usage of Breast Actives. But perhaps in what was the best endorsement, most users maintained that using Breast Actives helped them not only gain in size but also in shape and perkiness.

The Breast Actives program is an enhancement system for the purpose of creating firmer and fuller breasts. The product tightens the skin and actually lifts the breast tissue to make breasts fuller. The product is available without a doctor’s prescription. Breast Actives is a home remedy that does not require medical assistance and is a safer alternative to risky surgery.

Breast Actives is a three step process and includes a daily oral supplement, the application of cream to the breasts and an exercise program designed to help development and maintain shapely curves. The oral supplement is taken daily with water before or after the first meal of the day. The cream is breast enhancement product that is applied to the breasts and massaged into the skin until it is fully absorbed. The exercise program, if performed on a consistent basis will build breast muscle and tighten tissue.

The program will help women add inches to their breast line while uplifting the breasts themselves. The program and the results that can be realized will add a new level of confidence, not to mention self esteem, will help women re-contour their breast line. With an enhanced breast line, women will find certain types of clothes will fit better, women will take on a more youthful appearance, while they minimize and even eliminate sagging. The Breast Actives program will help women look better in a bathing suit and for some women that is a major feat.

Breast Actives is made from all natural ingredients and does not cause any adverse side effects that would make women curtail the use of the product. When used as directed, Breast Actives will deliver the results as claimed.

Breast Actives Reviews - Natural Breast Enhancement

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The VFX diet, also known as VFX Body Fat Loss System, is the Xtreme version of the Venus Factor. The program is exclusively for women. This system is created by John Barban. John Barban is a well-known author of many weight loss and fitness programs. He owns a Master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition and has also taught at the University of Florida. 

The central principle of VFX Diet is the principle of Metabolic Override. This is a 12-week protocol with many different combinations of deficit and maintenance eating days. The Metabolic Override is based on the notion that your body’s metabolism is more efficient at the initial stages of weight loss, but becomes more sluggish at the later stages. The more weight you lose, the more your body tries to retain the remaining fat. This brings metabolism to a halt. That’s why the VFX Body program advises you to gradually increase the number of maintenance days. In short, the VFX diet is strictest at first and becomes more permissive, as you go along

One of the basic aims of this program is to help you regulate your leptin levels. Leptin is involved in the regulation metabolism, inflammation, insulin sensitivity, bone density, cognition and memory, and even the appearance of skin tags.
Leptin is a hormone that gets released from your fat cells in proportion to the amount of your body fat. The higher the body fat, the higher the leptin levels. So, if the world was perfect, nobody would be overweight. As soon as you gained weight, leptin would increase and would send signals to the body to lose the extra weight. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Even though, overweight people have higher levels of leptin, they are more likely to suffer from leptin resistance. In other words, leptin sends the signals for weight loss, but the cells are deaf!

By following this system, you will be able to fully exploit the power of leptin, in order to lose weight. The ebooks will give you advice about your sleeping and eating habits and about which supplements to take, so as to increase leptin sensitivity.

The VFX diet program consists of the following parts:

  • VFX Fat Loss System eBook: this is the basic manual that explains all the concepts behind the system.
  • VFX Workout Videos: all the training videos that give you instructions on how to do the exercises.
  • VFX Virtual Nutritionist: this software helps you track your calorie intake.

The Virtual Nutritionist will tell you how many calories and how much protein you should eat every day. It will also show you what your ideal metrics are (waist, shoulder and hip measurements).


Should I buy VFX Body, if I already own the Venus Factor?

The answer is probably no. The 2 products are very similar. There is some new information, but nothing that justifies the purchase.

Does this program promise weight loss without counting calories?

No, it doesn’t. Calorie counting is an essential part of this system, but fortunately the software can do it for you.

But, certain diet ‘gurus’ claim that you can lose weight without counting calories.

You may lose weight, even if you don’t track your calorie intake, but not if you are not in a calorie deficit. Let me explain… Certain dietary plans advice you to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This approach will likely lead to a calorie deficit, because these foods have a low calorie density, aka very few calories for their volume. The same thing applies to protein-based diets (think Atkins), as well. Protein causes satiety, which means that you end up eating fewer calories even if you don’t realise it.
So, these dietary plans say that calories are not important, but they all work through creating a calorie deficit. There is no way around it. Think about it…. Why should your body burn fat, if it has all the energy it needs? Let’s say that day-in day-out you give it all the calories it needs through food. Does it have a reason to go to the fat stores and burn fat for energy? I think not. Under these conditions, it will simply maintain its weight. The only way to lose pounds is to deprive it of some of the necessary energy. This will force it to break down a part of its adipose tissue, so as to support its functions. In short, anyone who says that you can lose weight without a calorie deficit is not a guru.

How is VFX Body different than the rest?

VFX is not only about losing weight. It’s about creating the ideal proportions and obtaining the most feminine body you can. By following the dietary and workout parts of the system, you will lose inches from all the right places and build muscle in all the right places. It can actually change the shape of your body and not just shrink it.

What is the price of VFX?

It costs 37$ and is in a digital form, which can be downloaded immediately. There is also a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product.

Does it offer customer support?

Yes and not only that. It also gives you access to the private community, where you will be able to draw support from fellow members and get valuable advice.

VFX Diet: The VFX Body Fat Loss System Review

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Brestrogen Cream Reviews

Brestrogen Reviews

Brestrogen is a breast enhancement cream that contains only natural ingredients, like Pueraria mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica, also known as White Kwao Krua, is a herb that serves as a vitality enhancer and rejuvenating agent. It contains a few classical phytoestrogen (such as Isoflavones) and a few unusual ones and is considered highly estrogenic. In fact, its main bioactive, Deoxymiroestrol, is thought to be more potent than estrogen itself!

As all women know, having large breasts can make a difference in your life. A woman with large breasts is at the centre of attention, since men can’t take their eyes off of her. The female breast is one of the first things a man notices on a woman, even if he does not want to admit it. Many women are born with this great asset, but what about the rest? Luckily, they have options, as there are many breast augmentation methods to choose from.

The obvious option is plastic surgery. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive and risky option. Your expectations should be realistic. The results depend on many factors such as the overall health of the body, the shape of your breasts, the quality and size of breast implants, and the skill of your doctor. Keep in mind that if you are an alcohol drinker, or a smoker, healing may be impaired. There is also the scar issue. In most women these scars fade over time, but this is not always the case. After the surgery you may experience pain, bruising, swelling, and tenderness which may last several days. The main advantage of this method is that it can yield immediate results, but there are also possible risks, like the hardening of the breasts, or the displacement of the implant from its initial position.

A second option would be to use pumps.

But, do breast augmentation pumps actually work? Let us analyze how the pumps work. These pumps apply vacuum pressure on the breast and this pressure theoretically leads to growth of new tissue in the breast. It would be amazing if it actually worked, but it is impossible for any mechanical device to force the breasts to grow. The tissues of the body simply can not develop through any mechanical means.

A third option would be to take breast enhancement pills.

These pills usually contain some herbs and other nutrients such as vitamins that can increase the estrogen levels of your body. The results vary, depending on the quality of the ingredients of the supplement. Also every woman’s body is different and we don’t know how it’s going to react. The problem with this method is that it raises your overall estrogen levels. The only way to make sure that estrogen reaches the breasts is to use a topical product, which brings us to the next method……….

Breast augmentation creams

Usually these creams contain either synthetic estrogen or ingredients that stimulate estrogen production within the body. Many creams contain ingredients that actually mimic the action of estrogen thus creating in essence a synthetic form of estrogen. This sends a signal that makes the breast tissue grow.

The main advantage of breast augmentation creams is that there are safe. This is probably the safest method you can use. The downside is that is takes time to see results, and the results are not as spectacular as the ones obtained through plastic surgery.

If you opt for the last method, then Brestrogen is a good choice. It contains a powerful phytoestrogen that can stimulate estrogen locally and it also contains vitamin E oil to moisturize and plump up the skin of your breasts. To find out more, visit the official Brestrogen Website!

Brestrogen Review - Does This Breast Enhancement Cream Work?

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Revitol Eczema

What is Revitol Eczema Cream?

Revitol Eczema Cream is a moisturizing cream that can protect and repair eczema-prone skin. It contains many natural ingredients that can help restore the normal function of the skin.  

Revitol Eczema Cream Ingredients

Its main active ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which can help soothe the skin and acts as a temporary barrier to keep out toxins and irritants. The full ingredients list is:

  • Colloidal Oatmeal: that helps in healing and reduces itchiness.
  • Allantoin: which soothes and reduces inflammation.
  • Aqua (Deionized Water): that remove impurities from the skin.
  • Beeswax: it heals and protects from infection.
  • Benzyl Alcohol: It is a safe preservative.
  • Chamomilla Recutita Extract: it rejuvenates and treats dryness.
  • Citrus Grandis Seed Extract: it fights free radicals.
  • Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract (Cucumber): it is considered good for eczema, acne and oily skin.
  • Echinacea Angustifolia Extract: Considered to be a miracle plant.
  • Glyceryl Stearate: it hydrates well.
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract (Licorice): it is used to treat atopic dermatitis and to fight discolorations.
  • Helianthus Annuus Oil: It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids that have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Lanolin: It is very mooisturizing and is considered superior to glycerin and petrolatum.
  • Paraffin Wax:  the therapy with paraffin is indicated for many skin conditions.
  • PEG-100 Stearate: effective against dryness and itchy skin.
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (Sweet Almond):  sweet almond has been used for centuries for the care and beauty of the skin, and for seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Simmondsia Chinensis Oil (jojoba): a very healing oil that is easily absorbed.
  • Stearic Acid: it can be an effective treatment against atopic eczema.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate: (Vitamin E): it has a very beneficial effect on the skin.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, it does. The cream is anti-inflammatory, effective and safe. Colloidal oatmeal is certainly very beneficial for eczema.Revitol Eczema Cream is also rich in ceramides, which are lipid molecules that can help protect and seal the skin.

Revitol Eczema Cream Price

 For one bottle which will last you for 1 month, the price is $ 39.95. If buy two bottles, the price will be $ 79.901 and you will get one more bottle for free. If you buy 3 bottles, you will pay $ 119.85 and get 2 more bottles for free.

To find out more visit the official Revitol Eczema Website!

A Few Things About Eczema

Eczema, the epidermis - also known as atopic dermatitis-  is a daily cause of anxiety and frustration while for millions of patients across world. Many eczema sufferers, feel particularly bad in their social or personal life due to appearance of their skin, which is characterized by redness and plaques. Although, the disease is not threatening to life, it can undoubtedly affect the quality of life significantly .

What are the symptoms and causes of eczema?

Eczema is characterized by severe itchiness, which makes want to scratch the skin. This continuous scratching can cause skin abrasions, and make you more prone to infection. Atopic eczema may become worse for a while and then calm down, or remain stable. It triggers may be external such as cleaning fluids, or wool fabrics, or it may be caused internally by psychological factors such as stress and allergic reactions to a certain food. Foods that may have this effect include are cow's milk, eggs, wheat, nuts and other possible triggers are pollen and dust mites.

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Revitol Eczema Cream Review

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Revitol Dermasis

Revitol Dermasis Cream

Revitol Dermasis is a cream that can help you treat psoriasis and get relief from symptoms like scaling, itching and flaking. It contains natural ingredients, such as Salicylic Acid (2%), Palm Oil, Vitamin E Acetate and Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil).

Does Revitol Dermasis Actually Work?

To answer this question, we first need to say a few things about the nature of the disease.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, which affects about 1-3% of the population worldwide. Psoriasis is not contagious. Psoriasis affects both men and women and can begin at any age, but the usual age of onset is between the ages of 20 to 35. There are two main types of psoriasis:

Type I: affects young adults who may have a relative who also suffers from the condition. This type usually involves more severe clinical manifestation of psoriasis.
Type II: it affects mainly older people, between the ages of 50 and 60, without a family history and involves milder symptoms.

The Cause

Psoriasis doesn’t have a single cause, but it is the result of many factors, which makes it a multifactorial disease. The exact cause of psoriasis is elusive and remains unknown. According to the latest scientific data, psoriasis is the result of the disturbance of the body’s immune system and therefore it is characterized as an immunologically-mediated disease.

The skin of a psoriasis sufferer is replaced much more quickly than normal skin and in fact up to seven times faster. Thus, the renewal of skin keratinocytes lasts for four days, instead of 28 days, which results in the thickening of the skin (hyperkeratosis).

Heredity plays a role in the onset of psoriasis, although there are cases where there is no genetic factor involved.

Psoriasis is a multifactorial disease and is caused by genetic, environmental and immunological factors.
  •     It is not contagious.
  •     It can occur at any age and affects both sexes equally.
  •     It is a disease with many faces, as the clinical picture depends on many factors.
  •     It can be treated effectively with the available treatments.

Environmental factors (triggers) can cause the onset or worsening of psoriasis:
  •     Streptococcal infection can trigger its manifestation.
  •     Hormonal factors during menarche (when the period starts) and menopause (when periods stops) can also play a role. However, there seems to be an improvement during pregnancy.
  •     Medications, such as lithium, some blood pressure medications (b-blockers), and the abrupt withdrawal of systemic corticosteroids, are also possible triggers.
  •     Skin injury can lead to the appearance of psoriatic lesions.
  •     Psychological factors (anxiety, stress) may cause a worsening of psoriasis.
  •     Alcohol and smoking are aggravating factors in psoriasis.

It has now become obvious that no single cream can actually cure psoriasis. There are simply too many factors involved. However, treatments such as Revitol Dermasis can improve the condition and provide relief. Let’s see exactly how….

The salicylic acid it contains has a peeling effect on the skin and gets rid of dead and dry skin. The palm oil soothes and moisturizes the skin and creates a protective layer. Tea tree oil fights the bacteria that may lead to an infection. Vitamin E oil heals the skin and keeps it moist.

So, the things you can expect from Revitol Dermasis is an improvement in scaling, itching, discoloration, flaking and hardening of the skin. You can’t expect it to make psoriasis disappear from ever.

Revitol Dermasis: Psoriasis Treatment Cream

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Organic Health Protocol Review

The Organic Health Protocol is a guide, created by Thomas Delauer, a celebrity trainer, and health author. The manual is designed to help you lose weight, improve your health, and lead a better life in general.

The whole idea behind the book started when Thomas met Dr. Mike Brookins through his wife, who had an autoimmune disorder that was causing her weight problems. With the help of Dr. Brookins, she lost 25 pounds by simply avoiding certain foods.

That was the beginning of a friendship between Thomas Delauer and Dr. Brookins. Through this interaction, Thomas learned a lot of things about weight gain and weight loss, such as the fact that inflammation causes the body to put on weight and prevents certain nutrients from being absorbed.

After following the advice of Dr. Brookins, he was able to lose more than 70lbs in a single year. So, he created the Organic Health Protocol in order to show to other people how to achieve the same results.

Inside the program, you will find:

A 7-day diet plan

The purpose of this plan is to enable your body to start absorbing nutrients. This total body reboot program will make any diet or training regime much more effective and will greatly increase your energy levels. The 2 things you need to do before beginning with the 7-day plan is to start drinking enough water and fasted lemon water. The reason why you should be drinking lemon water is the fact that it contains an antioxidant called D-Limonene. This antioxidant can help your liver eliminate toxins more effectively. I know that you have heard the word detoxification a thousand times and most the time it’s just hype, but the truth is that certain ingredients DO help your body detoxify. D-Limonene is one of those ingredients.

It activates many Phase I and Phase II liver detox enzymes, which are responsible for flushing toxins out of the body. Another benefit of d-Limonene is that it can literally dissolve fat sludge and cholesterol gallstones. What is more, it boosts the function of the lymph system.

Additionally, D-Limonene has an appetite suppressant effect, which can help suppress food intake, and can improve your metabolism. It also improves the function of the nervous system and promotes restful sleep.

According to studies, the intake of d-Limonene may also be useful for breast cancer prevention. It seems to help “calm down” NF-kappaB, as do many other nutrients like green tea, grape seed extract, quercetin, resveratrol, curcumin, and blueberries.

What makes d-Limonene better is that due to the fact that it is highly fat soluble, it can accumulates in fatty tissue such as breast tissue. But, it is also effective against other types of cancer. In fact, in 2000 researchers at the University of Arizona found that people who consumed frequently consumed lemon peels, had significantly lower occurrence of skin cancer.

So, d-Limonene is great, but is it enough to just drink lemon water in order to reap the benefits? The answer is no. You will have to consume lemon peels and especially the white substance that is between the yellow peel and the fruit. You won’t find this tip inside the Organic Health Protocol book, but it’s important for you to know.

The main manual

In the main manual, you will find many interesting facts, like which foods should be eaten only if they are organic and which not. Some of the foods that you must eat organic are strawberries, apples, tomatoes, blueberries and beef. The foods that are safe to eat as non-organic are kiwis, onions, cabbage and more.Before you start on the Organic Total Body Reboot Diet, you will have to eliminate most workout supplements, most dairy, gluten and some artificial sweeteners

There are 3 different calorie versions. A 1300 calorie diet, a 1900 calorie diet and a 2200 calorie diet.  The first one is suitable for people who want to lose a fair bit of weight. The second is useful for those who don’t necessarily want to lose weight, just toning up or leaning out a bit. The third one is for people who don’t want to lose weight, but are simply trying to absorb more nutrients from their food and improve their health. A little tip… Don’t follow the third version, if you are a woman. Women have a slower metabolism than men and 2200 may be more than you burn. This mean that you may end up putting on weight, even though the diet is healthy!

3 Secret Hacks to Accelerate Fat Loss

Here, Thomas reveals his secret hacks that can speed up fat loss. Obviously, the hacks can’t be disclosed here.

Exercise Program

It shows you exactly the exercises you need to perform to target the problematic areas and also contains workout videos.

Supplement Guide

In this guide, you will find all the supplements and vitamins that are essential for well-being, energy levels and weight loss. One of the supplements he recommends is fish oil capsules, which reduce inflammation and cortisol levels.

Pros And Cons Of The Organic Health Protocol


  • Easy To Implement: Thomas Delauer gives you all the tools you need to achieve results. Everything is covered: what to eat, which supplements to take, which exercise to perform.
  • Very Affordable: Organic Health Protocol price is under $30 and it’s definitely cheaper than hiring a personal trainer or visiting a nutritionist.
  • 60-Day Refund Guarantee: The purchase is risk-free for 60 days. If you don’t see the desired results during this period, you will get your money back and no harm is done.
  • Healthy and safe: This is not some crazy, potentially dangerous diet plan that may cauise serious side-effects. This is actually healthy. By following this program you can reduce inflammation, lose weight slowly, but hopefully permanently and increase your energy levels.


  • Requires Consistent Effort:This is not a magical, overnight solution. You need some discipline to implement the diet and exercise plan. If you are too lazy, it’s not going to work for you. But, to be fair, if this is the case, no program will ever work you!
  • Available Only In Digital Form: The program is available only in PDFs and videos. If you don’t like reading eBooks, you can always print it, in order to have a physical copy.

Is Organic Health Protocol Scam or Legit?

Overall, this is a very good guide that can help you lose body fat and improve your health. Of course, this is not a quick fix, and you need dedication to achieve results. You need to be prepared to change your lifestyle. To find out more, visit the Official Organic Health Protocol Website!

Organic Health Protocol Review By Thomas Delauer

Friday, April 22, 2016

Wartrol Amazing Wart Removal

What Is Wartrol?

Wartrol amazing wart removal formula is a very popular treatment for various types of warts, like common warts, plantar warts, flat warts and more.

In the past, there was even a product called Wartrol Homeopathic Genital Wart Remover, but the current version of wartrol is not actually recommended for use on genital warts.

Wartrol Ingredients

Wartrol’s main ingredient is salicylic acid. The content of salicylic acid inside the formula is 17%, which is considered safe for topical, at-home treatment. The full ingredient list is:

  • Salicylic Acid: Is a monohydroxybenzoic acid.
  • Ethyl Alcohol: Is the principal type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages.
  • Ascorbic Acid: This is a vitamin C for skin renewal.
  • Hydroxypropylcellulose: Is a derivative of cellulose.
  • Menthol: Is an organic compound made synthetically.
  • Polysorbate-80: Is a nonionic surfactant and emulsifier.
  • Flexible Collodion: Is an inflammable, syrupy solution of pyroxylin in ether and alcohol.
Wartrol Ingredients

How To Use Wartrol

The product needs to be applied directly to the affected area, with the brush applicator that is included inside the package. First you need to locate the wart, and wash the afflicted area. After you let it dry, you need to apply a small amount of the liquid to completely cover each wart. Let dry and repeat the process a couple of times per day, until the problem disappears. This may take up to 3 months. Keep in mind that the topical solution should not be used on irritated skin or on skin moles and birthmarks. Also, avoid using it if you suffer from diabetes or circulation problems.

Does Wartrol work?

It does. Its main ingredient, salicylic acid, softens the skin layers until the wart gets peeled-off and may also stimulate an immune response from your body that could enable it to fight the HPV virus that is causing the warts in the first place. Research has shown that Salicylic acid is an effective wart remedy and in fact it is equally effective as liquid nitrogen, but much cheaper.

What Is The Price Of Wartrol?

The wartrol price for each bottle is $33.33. If you want to buy three you must pay only two bottles and the one will be free. With four, the cost is $49.95 and two of these are free.

A few things About Warts

Warts are caused by a virus called HPV. The Human Papilloma Virus is very common. The majority of people have been affected by this virus at some point of their lives, even if they didn’t realise it at the time. If you have a highly functional immune system, the condition usually disappears on its own. But when there is a failure in the body’s immunity, then papillomas and verrucas may appear on your hands, fingers, legs and feet.

So, apart from using a topical wart treatment, it makes sense to also try and fight HPV from the inside out, as well.

Warts Immune System Boosters

A healthy immune system is mainly the result of the good eating behavior and the physical and mental state of the individual.

It is well-known fact, that there are many vitamins, trace elements, minerals and herbs that can reinforce the immune system.


The water-soluble vitamins, like vitamin C (contained in lemons, oranges, broccoli, and strawberries) and B complex (contained in fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, etc.) can be safely administered for a long time because they are not stored in the body.

The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, to get stored in the body and overdose can be toxic.

More specifically,

Vitamin A has beneficial effects on the skin, eyesight and bones, but in large doses it can cause side-effects. One the contrary, beta carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, is water soluble and harmless and may greatly enhance the body's defenses.

Vitamin E (found inside vegetable oils, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, avocado) is a powerful antioxidant that is beneficial for the prevention of skin diseases and for strengthening the immune system. However, taking too much of it can increase the risk of bleeding and decrease the coagulation of blood.

Vitamin D is the shield of our body and has a great therapeutic and protective effect.

Zinc (found inside oysters, mussels, eggs, almonds, red meat, fish) helps to improve immune function, and skin health.  Selenium (contained in  Brazil nuts, seafood, sunflower seeds, avocados) has powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties.


Herbs, like Echinacea is widely used to improve the symptoms of colds and infections. Echinacea has a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

Another helpful ingredient to strengthen the immune system is lysine. It is an essential amino acid, because the body can not synthesize by itself and must receive it through food. It is found in red meat and chicken and can help stimulate the synthesis of collagen and aid the treatment of viruses, such as herpes.

A balanced diet can only work in combination with regular exercise and the avoidance of a sedentary lifestyle. Getting a good sleep, quitting smoking and limiting stress are also essential.

So, now that you know how to fight warts from the inside, Visit Wartrol AmazingWart Removal Liquid Website to get a topical treatment, as well!

Wartrol Amazing Wart Removal Review

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nanoxyn Alpha

Nanoxyn Alpha is a very potent antioxidant supplement that can protect your health, boost your immune system and even make you more beautiful. The supplement is made by a company called Nanotech Health Ltd. Nanoxyn Alpha is composed of Red wine extract, Olive leaf extract, Grape seed extract and nanometric charcoal.


NanoSOF (nanometric charcoal) is extracted from dried olive pits and is a revolutionary formula that can deliver oxygen and nutrients directly to cellular level. Apart from transporting all the essential ingredients where there are needed, it is also excellent at relieving from oxidative stress.

Olive leaf extract

The leaves of olive tree are rich in a compound called oleuropein. Oleuropein is a polyphenol that can reduce oxidative damage, protect against cancer and cognitive decline and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Olive leaf extract is also effective against diabetes. In fact, it can lower blood sugar through several mechanisms. First of all, it slows down the absorption of simple sugars and it also limits the damage caused by high blood sugar, by increasing the levels of the body’s natural antioxidants. What is more, olive leaf extract fights endothelial dysfunction by increasing the production of nitric oxide and reducing the production of matrix metalloproteinases. Another benefit of olive leaf extract is that it alleviates gout and rheumatoid arthritis. The cause of gout is the accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints. Oleuropein can prevents this buildup

Grape Seed Extract

It is a proanthocyanidin/procyanidin-rich supplement derived from grape seeds. Grape Seed Extract can improve blood flow and reduce clotting risk. It is also useful in reducing leg swelling that can occur due to sitting for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, it can protect pancreatic cells from lipotoxic effects and suppress fatty acid synthesis. What is more, Grape Seed Extract can improves skin’s health by reducing skin reddening, increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles. Another interesting finding is that it can increase adiponectin. Adiponectin can boost your muscle’s ability to use carbohydrates for energy, increase your metabolism, help your body break down fat, and reduce your appetite. Grape Seed Extract is also effective for varicose veins and melasma.

Let’s not forget that grapes are rich in potassium, vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium,  and organic acids (malic acid, tartaric acid). They are also a good source of copper, which is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin and collagen in the body. Vitamin B2 also known as riboflavin, is also present, so grapes play an important role in the growth and repair of tissue, as well as in the production of hormones and the formation of red blood cells. The flavonoids contained in grapes inhibit the activity of an enzyme that is necessary for the survival of cancer cells. Grapes have a more potent antioxidant activity than vitamin E.

Red Wine Extract

Red wine extract is rich in compounds, such as Resveratrol, Proline, Quercetin, Kaempferol, Anthocyanins, Cinnamic acids such as Ferulic acid, Benzoic acids and    Melatonin, as well as some serotonin. It can improve endothelial function, protect against LDL cholesterol oxidation and reduce free radicals.

To find out more visit the Official Nanoxyn Alpha Website!

Nanoxyn Alpha Antioxidant Review

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